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BOOM HEADSHOT!! written by ScaTmaN, 2012-02-19 02:02 CET (1 comments)

As i said couple days ago we try to organize some 1 Day Cup's for the Crossfire community, since there are a lot of CS:S player we hope you signup and be a part of our first Anarchy e-Sports Challenge .

The Anarchy e-Sports One Day Cup will be hosted on monday, 27th of February with hopefully 16 teams signuped.
We have selected the 5on5 as format and max round 15, so hurry up and sign up in the cup!

We also prepared a motivational prize for teams. The winner of the cup will receive an CS:S server as prize, sponsored by www.nbs-gaming.com, to be used free for one month.

Just for the guys who doesn't have a warserver for the cup you can borrow one like here :

http://zoxxe.eu/?action=booking_show [zoxxe.eu]
http://server-place.de/ [server-place.de]
http://server-share.eu/gameserver/css-server-leihen/ [server-share.eu]

Cupdate & Modus :

- 27th February , monday
- 5on5
- Max round 15

Mappool :

- de_tuscan
- de_contra
- de_dust2
- de_inferno
- de_nuke
- de_train
- de_season

Pooltable & Timetable:

- Signup closed 19:29 cet
- CHECK - IN 19:30 cet
- Brackets 19:55 cet
- Cup start 20:00 cet

- 1st round de_inferno
- 2nd round de_dust2
- 3rd round de_tuscan
- Final (hopefully SourceTV) both teams decide map from mappool

Rules :

- No Cheater !
- be on server within 15mins and be ready to play!
- If a team doesn't show up for 15 minutes, they will be disqualified
- TAKE A SCREENSHOT AFTER EACH ROUND (=after 15 rounds played T or CT side ) , maybe someone cant calculate so the screens are proof enough
- if its a DRAW after 30 rounds played (15;15) RESTART and play best of 3 , winning side needs to win 2 ROUNDS!
- 1 player of each team has to stay at #AE.cup @ Quakenet
- record demo each round CT & T

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